dr. PJM (Peter) Bonants

dr. PJM (Peter) Bonants

Externe medewerker

Since 1988 I am working in the field of plant health. Starting on biological control of nematodes, I worked since 1994 on diagnostics and detection of all kind of plant pathogens: viruses, bacteria, fungi, nematodes and insects. With a special focus on quarantine organisms, we developed together with many national and international partners several detection and identification methods to be used by NPPO’s, inspection services and other labs. Many papers were published on this field. I coordinated and participated in several EU projects: Portcheck, QBOL, Q-bank, Q-collect and TESTA. Since a great number of years I coordinate fytosanitary research in the Netherlands. I like to collaborate (inter)nationally and appreciate the many contacts made during these projects. Besides sr, researcher I am since 2014 also part of the management team of the business unit Biointeractions & Plant Health focusing on Scientific Research & Acquisition.

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