PWG (Peter) Groot Koerkamp PWG (Peter) Groot Koerkamp

Professor/Chairholder Biosystems Engineering

Peter Groot Koerkamp is professor in biosystems engineering and managing chair holder at the Farm Technology Group of Wageningen University. His fields of expertise are agricultural & biosystems engineering, agricultural systems, animal and plant production systems, environmental engineering & technology, and design of sustainable production systems. He has especially a background in manure & nutrient management and gaseous emissions from farming systems.

Scientific career and background

  • MSc degree in agricultural engineering (with honours, 1990)
  • PhD degree from Wageningen University (1998)
  • Scientific researcher and group leader at the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (IMAG 1990-2003)
  • Senior project manager at the Institute of Animal Husbandry (ID-DLO; 2001-2012)
  • Senior researcher at Wageningen Livestock Research (2013-2021)
  • Professor at Wageningen University, Farm Technology Group (2005-present)
  • The Farm Technology group has approximately 20 people (researchers and lecturers) and supervises >50 PhD students