dr. P (Peter) Kirst

dr. P (Peter) Kirst


I work on continuous and mixed-integer nonlinear optimization as well as corresponding applications, for example, in logistics. I am particularly interested in computing globally optimal points. Moreover, I like to work on challenging types of problems such as (generalized) semi-infinite programs or (generalized) Nash equilibrium problems. Those occur naturally in many applications such as engineering, inventory problems or logistics in general.

In addition, I also like to work in related areas such as data science and machine learning. Here, I am particularly interested in using these methods in optimization or, conversely, improving machine learning techniques by means of tailored optimization algorithms.

I graduated from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany where I already started with many of these lines of research. In order to solve problems to global optimality I developed several branch-and-bound methods tailored to specific problems at hand. Still, the motivation always came from applications. Whereas in the past my application areas where more focussed on engineering aspects, here in Wageningen it has shifted towards logistics and inventory management.


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Manuskripte und Preprints

P. Kirst, S. Schwarze und O. Stein, A branch-and-bound algorithm for non-convex Nash equilibrium problems, Optimization Online Preprint, https://optimization-online.org/?p=21330, 2023