ir. P (Peter) Ravensbergen

ir. P (Peter) Ravensbergen

Expertise leader Horticulture

Peter Ravensbergen (1967) is Expertise leader Horticulture at Wageningen Economic Research, institute within Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the Netherlands. He leads Sector Team Horticulture. His focus is on social economic aspects of fresh food value chains, quality driven logistics, and resilient food systems for smart cities. His skill is to translate knowledge questions from governments, institutions and private companies from all over the world into research propositions, of which the outcome will enhance the social & economic development of a sector or private companies.

As a son of a third generation Dutch flower greenhouse farmer, Peter’s driving force is to make knowledge applicable: bridging the gap between R&D and practice. His carrier is characterized by positions in the playing field of governmental organisations, advisory companies and (semi-) private companies in the horticultural sector.

Peter has a broad national and international experience and network: India, Mexico, Philippines, Eastern Europe and Balkan.

His experience is project design, project and programme management, supply chain management, strategy development, match making.