dr. R (Renske) Hijbeek

dr. R (Renske) Hijbeek

Universitair docent

Renske Hijbeek is assistant professor at the Plant Production Systems group of Wageningen University. She conducts research on nutrient management in arable farming systems, both in temperate regions and the tropics.

Her current research explores how soil fertility can be improved (for example by recycling organic waste streams or cultivation of legumes) with the largest environmental benefits (e.g. lowest greenhouse gas emissions or agricultural land use).

Before her current job, Renske wrote a PhD thesis on the role of soil organic matter for crop production in European arable farming systems. She also worked as a postdoc on intensification or expansion scenarios for food security in Sub-Saharan Africa.

At the MSc level, she teaches in three university courses, namely 'Analysing Sustainability of Farming Systems', 'Advanced Agronomy' and 'The Carbon dilemma - a soil perspective'.