RF (Roel) Veerkamp RF (Roel) Veerkamp

Researcher, Professor

I work for Wageningen UR since 1997 in the area of animal breeding.  My  interests are: i) numerical genetics/genomics, ii) linking practical and theoretical animal breeding and iii) connecting people (and science). Examples of exciting projects are: i) the1000 bull genome project, ii) Global Methane Genetrics initiative, and iii) Breed4Food

Next to my scientific interests, I have practical involvement with dairy cattle breeding organisations in several countries. 

In 2012 I became extraordinary professor at Wageningen University, and have been head of  Animal Breeding and Genomics  of Wageningen Livestock Research since 2002.  In 2013 I became a part time Professor position at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences  (till 2018) and I am visiting professor at SRUC in Scotland. Where I served as researcher from 1991 to1997, and graduated for my PhD in 1995.