dr. R (Roos) Molenaar

dr. R (Roos) Molenaar

Postdoctoral researcher

Curriculum vitae

Roos Molenaar studied Animal Husbandry at Hogeschool Delft, the Netherlands, and obtained her BSc degree in 2002. Then she studied Animal Sciences at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and obtained her MSc degree in 2005, after which she started as a researcher at a commercial incubation technology company. During this position, she performed a PhD project about the effect of incubation conditions on perinatal development and nutrient utilization in chickens and obtained her Dr degree in 2010. From 2013 until 2017, Roos worked as a quality assurance manager in several hatcheries in Victoria and New South Wales in Australia. Since 2017, she is working at the ADP department on projects related to poultry, together with Dr. ir. Henry van den Brand. Her specialisation is nutrient utilization of avian species during the incubation and early post-hatch period.

Research projects

Roos Molenaar is involved in research projects related to early life conditions of avian species, with a focus on broiler embryos. Research interests are amongst

1. Nutrient utilization and embryonic metabolism in the perinatal period.

2. Effects of incubation conditions on early and later life performance, including survival, (bone) health, growth and resilience.

3. Effects of early nutrition on performance, health and resilience in broiler chickens.