SM (Saskia) van Ruth SM (Saskia) van Ruth

Emeritus Special Professor Food Supply Chain Integrity University College Dublin / WUR Guest Professor

Food fraud research

Saskia van Ruth is Professor of Food Supply Chain Integrity at University College Dublin. She is connected to WUR as principal supervisor of PhD students in the same research area and is also honorary Professor at Queen's University Belfast in the UK. Previously she was Professor of Food Authenticity & Integrity at Wageningen University and worked at Wageningen Food Safety Research (2005-2023). She deals and has dealt with food integrity issues on a daily basis over nearly two decades.

After having taken her PhD in food chemistry, she worked on flavour science in industry and the academic world for nine years. She was affiliated for seven years with University College Cork in Ireland. In 2005 she returned to the Netherlands and took up the post of head of the food authenticity and nutrients group at RIKILT Wageningen University and Research.. She was appointed professor in Wageningen in 2012 and in Belfast in 2018. Since 2016 she also holds an adjunct professorship appointment at University College Cork.