dr. SA (Stefan) Geisen

dr. SA (Stefan) Geisen

Assistant Professor


I am a molecular soil ecologist, who focuses on soil biodiversity interactions, particularly between microbiome predators (protists and nematodes) and their bacterial and fungal prey. I want to understand the functional implication of these interactions such as on the plant performance such as in diverse agricultural systems, and other functions like greenhouse gas emissions. I am generally also interested in understanding how soil microbiome predator communities and their functions are structured, particularly in ongoing global changes (like agricultural practices and climate warming).

I approach these topics in various systems and with multiple techniques including high-throughput sequencing and cultivation approaches, in lab, greenhouse and field studies. Together, I aim at better understanding soil biodiversity and its importance in a changing world.

Research group:

  • Alejandro Berlinches de Gea
  • Zewen Hei
  • Robbert van Himbeeck
  • Shunran Hu
  • Maria Scheel
  • Joliese Teunissen
  • Yuxin Wang
  • Rutger Wilschut