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Scientific Writing for Professionals

Great science writing skills are vital for any researcher. We can help you to focus your writing on the essence of your project, highlight its importance, and approach it from new angles. You’ll learn what kind of a writer you are, how to write alone as well as in groups and how to adopt a writing strategy that will guarantee success every time for any reader.

Course content

This course aims to perfect your English academic writing skills and focuses on the following aspects of academic writing:

  • developing your academic writing style
  • varying sentence length and complexity
  • making your text more readable and attractive
  • working on paragraph structure, argumentation and flow
  • paraphrasing and integrating sources

Since, during this course, you will be expected to submit and edit various sections of your academic text, it is important that you are actually working on a scientific article or other longer academic text when you register. If you don’t have academic writing objectives, please have a look at our course Professional Writing in English. Scientific Writing for Professionals is not meant to help you edit texts. The idea is to teach you how to edit your own texts.

Participants are expected to analyse and (re)write their own text and to complete assignments from the literature and study materials on BlackBoard, our electronic learning environment.

The maximum number of participants per group is 16.


Since this course is offered as a tailor-made solution, sessions are scheduled accordingly. Please expect to spend 2 to 4 hours on homework after each session.


If you are taking the course as part of Wageningen University & Research Language Policy, your skills will be assessed throughout the course. Assessment is based on the writing assignments you submit each session. If you sufficiently improve in the course, you will receive a Wageningen in’to Languages certificate.


The fee depends on the number of sessions. You will receive a personalised offer.