Professional Writing in English

Do you work in an international environment where English is commonly written, or do you have many English-speaking business clients? And would you like to be able to write clear business texts in English with greater ease and without errors? Whether it’s an email, a business plan, a policy document, an internal memo or web text, this tailor-made training course will ensure that communication with your colleagues goes smoothly.

Target group

Professional Writing in English is for professionals who want to improve their written business communication.

Course content

During this training course, you learn to write professional, correct English texts with clear messages or questions. The training is practical and goal-oriented. You work with your own texts that you have to write or have already written for your job. The teacher will give you feedback to help you edit and optimise your text. You can immediately apply what you learn from this in your everyday work. Possible topics that can be addressed:

If you want to follow a course on scientific writing, please visit Scientific Writing for Professionals.


During a free intake interview, with an Oxford Online Placement Test and on the basis of a self-written text, we will determine your starting level, learning objectives, and wishes. We will design a course tailored to your needs.


At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate from Wageningen in’to Languages.

If you are taking the course as part of Wageningen University & Research Language Guideline, you will put together a 'language portfolio'. This portfolio consists of your writing assignments and evaluation.


After the intake interview and based on your wishes, you will receive a commitment-free quote with a course proposal.

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