Robotti – a single robot for monitoring, sowing, hoeing and fertilising

The Robotti is an autonomous implement carrier that can independently perform various agricultural tasks. A lightweight robot with autonomous navigation, it's perfect for monitoring crops using camera technologies, as well as for performing crop interventions such as seedbed preparation, weeding, fertilising and applying crop protection agents. The Robotti can do all this because a variety of standard tools can be mounted on it. It’s currently being used on Wageningen University & Research test sites and is particularly suitable for controlled traffic farming.

Robotti will help future-proof agriculture

The future of agriculture will be based on agroecology and will focus on natural processes. Ways of doing this include strip cultivation and even pixel farming. The Robotti offers a technical foundation for performing these types of agriculture and for improving our understanding of ecological processes through intensive crop monitoring. Wageningen University & Research is also working on various projects related to robot technology, such as artificial intelligence, swarm technology and collaborative deep learning. The Robotti is highly suitable for applying these innovations and demonstrating them in practice.

Crop monitoring through phenotyping

robotti in rijpadenteelt

Using camera systems and smart algorithms, images taken from trial fields can enable us to work out various crop characteristics such as Leaf Area Index, WDVI, NDVI, germination counts, height, colour etc. Phenotyping provides an objective crop assessment. Using the Robotti, weekly crop recordings can be performed autonomously to build up a time-lapse record. This can provide a clearer understanding of ecological processes and help detect variances in crop growth caused by factors such as differences in varieties, the effects of fertilisers or the effects of crop protection agents on diseases and infestations. The Robotti can be equipped with various camera systems for these purposes: RGB, NIR, LiDar, Thermal, etc.

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  • Seedbed preparation
  • Hoeing, weeding, harrowing
  • Crop protection using SpotSprayer
  • Fertilising
  • Crop monitoring

Technical specifications

  • Operational width: 3 m
  • Track width: 3.0-3.15 m
  • Ground clearance: 0.8 m
  • Weight: 1800 kg
  • Operational speed: 0-8 km/h
  • Power: 2x18 kW diesel engine
  • Lift capacity: 750 kg

Interested in working with us?

Our team of experts is looking at the whole system of data collection, interpretation and application in the field. If you have any ideas that you’d like to develop or you already have robot-based applications that you’d like to test or demonstrate, get in touch.