Population management of nesting geese in the summer

Geese increasingly use the Netherlands as an area for nesting. An insight into the expected population size and the damage the geese cause is desirable.


Increasingly geese use the Netherlands for nesting. This is an enrichment of our nature, and simultaneously causes inconvenience and damage in agricultural and natural areas. This project investigated the development of the goose population and the effectiveness of various measures for the number and damage control, as mentioned in the 'Guide for Policy on summer income geese. The focus is on the gray goose.
The main results are:
  • Half of the managers of natural areas indicates negative impacts for the effect of gray geese on nature other than grassland birds.
  • No relationship was found between the population trends of grassland birds and the population trend of geese.
  • The geese damage to agriculture, in the period 2000-2010, increased from approximately 0.4 to almost 2 million per year. The share of the gray goose is roughly between 80 and 90%.
  • To support the policy on regulation of some geese a model to predict the impact of the various measures has been developed.