Identifying and fostering competencies for sustainable development

This research project focuses on sustainability competence, corporate social responsibility, indigenous knowledge, and education for sustainable development. The research is done by Yared Demssie, PhD candidate at Wageningen University. The research includes intervention, Delphi, focus groups, and so on.

About Yared Demssie

Yared has experience in university teaching, research, training, consultancy, national curriculum preparation, and conference organizing by collaborating with (inter)national organizations. These include: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency-SIDA, Korea International Cooperation Agency- KOICA, Kilimanjaro International, Globelics, National Curriculum Harmonization Committee, National Examination Agency, Bahir Dar University, and Cactus Communications.

Specific examples of his experience include:

  • Affiliate Faculty member at Idaho State University (November 2018 to February 2019) Idaho, United States of America
  • Co-teacher for part of the course Business and Society with the main lecturer at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2018     
  • Teaching assistant for the course  Argumentation Skills, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2018 
  • Full-time Lecturer, October 2006 – present at the Department of Public Administration & Development Management, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia (Since March 2015, on study leave).  Main responsibilities: Teaching and research supervision in the undergraduate program     
  • Coordinator of Undergraduate Program, January 2012-2015   
  • Acting Assistant Dean, School of Business and Public Administration, March 30 – May 30, 2012  
  • Committee member, Ethiopian national curriculum preparation ( 2012-2013) 

Research studies

  1. Study one: Identification of sustainability competencies for developing countries’ context
  2. Study two: Improving modern education and utilizing indigenous opportunities to foster sustainability competencies
  3. Study three: The use of mobile phones, field trips, and collaboration to enhance students’ systems thinking competence
  4. Study four: Corporate social responsibility performance and sustainability competencies in the beer, sugar, and banking industries


Project team