Incubator project: Governance of practices and practices of governance

The aim of the incubator is to further develop the relations between the notions of ‘governance practices and practices of governance’ and to identify possible areas of collaboration on this topic between the different chair groups.

We want to understand how governance, practices, and specifically practice theory, are related and can help us understand routines and events in daily life.

These insights contribute to a better understanding of how society can best be steered in a more sustainable direction. In order to do so, we engage scholars in our cluster in two intertwined activities:

  • A workshop with practitioners on the topic of transition processes towards green energy in which local and national governance practices of the energy transition will be connected to every day practices through visualizations-techniques.
  • Take stock of the different practice and governance approaches within the WCSG. A literature review and workshops on the topic of governance and practice theory will further contribute to creating an overview on practices and governance.

Based on the literature review in combination with the data from the practitioner workshop, a publication will be written.

This project is an incubator project of Wageningen Centre of Sustainability Governance