UNDINE: Understanding the influence of man-made structures

UNDINE will use offshore wind farms and data from other man-made structures in order to understand the impact of man-made structures in the southern North Sea.

Photo: © Udo van Dongen

We will evaluate (i) the ecological impact of artificial structures on trophic functioning and (ii) potential changes in connectivity of benthic habitats by man-made structures (stepping stone hypothesis). Trophic functioning and connectivity are considered key issues as man-made structures start proliferating in the marine environment. They necessitate the extrapolation of artificial hard substrate effects from local to regional scales, all of which will be tackled by UNDINE.


UNDINE is executed by a consortium lead by AWI with participation from RBINS and Cefas. UNDINE is funded by the INSITE – INfluence of man-made Structures In the Ecosystem - fund and is linked to the RECON project.


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