A review to collate information on external communication as a basis of innovation success (Deliverable 2.2)

Reinders, M.J.; Lans, I.A. van der; Fischer, A.R.H.; Trijp, J.C.M. van


The objective of work package 2: “Identify success factors” is to identify relevant success factors and barriers in the scientific literature on internal (between relevant disciplines) and external (from and to the public and end-users) communication strategies to enhance food technology innovation success across a wider variety of application areas. As part of this, their implications for successful innovation in the area of food technology will be reviewed. Utilising a comprehensive review of the existing literature regarding external communication (i.e/ from and to the public and end-users), deliverable 2.2. constitutes the report on success factors and critical points – do’s and don’ts – of the external dialogue.