Internship at the Bioprocess Engineering Group

If you would like to do your MSc internship under supervision of Bioprocess Engineering, here you can find information and guidelines for finding and doing an internship, including the required documents.

Approval form

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Intitial steps in organizing an internship

  • Read the Internship course guide from ‘a’ to ‘z’ (see downloads) in order to get a clear picture of the requirements of an internship and the procedures involved.
  • Selection of a suitable host institute or company is done by students themselves. Inspiration and suggestions may be obtained from previous thesis experience, from fellow students, or from departmental scientists. In some cases, a student can act in response to specific openings that may be available (mailings, Additional help is available via the BPE traineeship coordinator. At this stage already check whether your potential internship: has an academic character (see course guide), fits in your curriculum (possibility to consult study advisor), and fits with the expertise of our chair group of BioProcess Engineering (consult our website).
    • On this WUR webpage you can find more information on how to find an internship.
  • Your internship plan needs to be approved of by the internship coordinator and for this an approval form must be filled out online. If a traineeship is approved, one of the staff members will be appointed as traineeship supervisor. In the application form clearly indicate what is the topic of your internship and what is the expertise expected of the university supervisor in order to allow for an efficient selection of your supervisor.
  • When the internship coordinator approved of your plans and found a suitable supervisor you will be included in the Brightspace ‘Theses and Internships at Bioprocess engineering’. Then follow the procedure as explained there. Below please find a general summary of the complete process.

Tips when contacting potential internship hosts

  • Criteria are not very strict, but:
    • There should be an obvious relation to the area of Bioprocess Engineering;
    • in order to facilitate evaluation of the final report, the coordinator (or other supervisor within the Process Engineering department) should be competent in the subject area,
    • the actual work should be of an adequate scientific level.
  • In general, the student takes the initiative to contact a host institute or industry. An application letter should preferably contain the following concrete information:
    • Indicate start date and duration of the traineeship that you have in mind.
    • Define your learning objectives for the internship and stress the required academic level.
    • Indicate the traineeship to be a compulsory item in your curriculum; final marking is thus a prerogative of Wageningen University (although the host opinion will be taken into account seriously).
    • As an illustration of your background, provide a list of courses you have taken.
    • List any previous thesis experience under a separate heading as 'research experience.'