Internship Food Sciences

There are lots of possibilities to do an internship in your home country and abroad. Many industrial companies, research institutes and universities offer internships.

General Information

The internship is a compulsory part of the Masters at Wageningen University. During an academic internship, the acquired knowledge and skills are put into practice while gaining relevant work experience at an academic level. The aim of the internship is to apply knowledge and perform skills in a potential future work field, for example in a company, a public institution, a research organisation, another university, or a non-governmental organisation, thereby broadening the academic horizon.

There are plenty of possible internship hosts. Students can look for internship hosts themselves or have a look at the vacancies that are shared via the internship coordinators.

Students can find more elaborate information on the internship Brightspace:

MSc Internship Food Sciences (MFT, MFS, MFQ)

BSc Internship Food Technology

Internship coordinator

The internship coordinators food sciences are responsible for the programs:

Students from the following programs might also find an internship connected to food sciences:

Students can contact the internship coordinators in case of questions or if extra support in finding an internship is needed. Companies can contact the internship coordinators to share an internship vacancy or for an exploratory talk.

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What is the duration of an internship period?

A duration of minimal 24 ECTS (= 4 month’s) is compulsory. The internship period is scheduled in the 2nd year of the Master.

It is allowed to do an internship for up to 39 ECTS (= 6.5 months). Longer periods will not be rewarded with extra credits.

Does Wageningen University organise the internships?

No, students have to contact other universities/institutes/industries by themselves. An internship coordinator can help by finding the right placements.

How do I organise an internship?

Visit the internship Brightspace or contact your internship coordinator. Please, think about what you want (at home or abroad; duration; industry or not; subject). Internet and scientific literature can help you in finding placements too.

Is it preferable to do a MSc thesis first and after that an internship?

It depends on the situation. After doing an MSc thesis first, you will have more profits from the internship period, because of a certain experience and. However, it may be happen that a fantastic internship subject is available in a fantastic city and environment, then you should do that first. Usually students choose for doing the MSc thesis first.

How much time do I need for organising an internship?

As a directive you should start 4-6 months ahead. Generally, you need more time as the internship placement is far away (e.g. in another continent). If you are planning to move to another continent and especially if you need visa, it is advisable to start 6 months ahead. Internships at home can be organised in a relative shorter time.

How do I contact a possible placement?

The best way is to use email. Include always a CV and motivation letter. If the placement does not react in a period of 14 days, please call by phone and ask if there are possibilities.

Are there any grants available?

Finding grants is difficult. From time to time there are other possibilities, funded by the European Union (e.g. Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci). The university does not participate permanently in these programs. Ask your internship coordinator for more information.

Which agreements I have to make with a placement?

  1. Starting- and end date
  2. Subject / Project
  3. Allowance
  4. Housing
  5. Maybe allowance in cost of travelling and housing
  6. How to meet each other for the first time
  7. Reporting and confidentiality. Probably you have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Do I get a university supervisor?

Yes, you will get a university supervisor at one of the respective groups.

How is the internship graded?

An evaluation form (to be filled up by your host supervisor) and the report will be used for proposing the final grade. The final grade is given by your university supervisor.

What else is important to know?