At Food Quality and Design it is possible to perform a bachelor and master thesis. On this page you can find the thesis booklets with all topics within FQD for the studies BFT, MFT, and MFQ. For a thesis of the studies BBC and MME, please visit the corresponding sub-pages.

Thesis booklet

Thesis booklet (BFT and MFT)

Thesis booklet (MFQ)

BSc an MSc programs

The following programs are allowed to perform a thesis at FQD:

  • BSc Food Science and Technology (BLT)
  • BSc Management and Consumer Studies (BBC)  
  • MSc Food Science and Technology (MFT)

    • Specialization A - Product Design and Ingredient Functionality
    • Specialization B - Sustainable Food Process Engineering
    • Specialization D - Dairy Science and Technology
    • Specialization E - Food Digestion and Health
    • Specialization G - Sensory Science
  • MSc Food Quality Management (MFQ)
  • MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (MME)