At Food Quality and Design it is possible to perform a bachelor and master thesis. On this page you can find the thesis booklets with all topics within FQD for the studies BFT, MFT, MFQ, BBC and MME.

Thesis booklet

Thesis booklet (BFT and MFT)

Thesis booklet (MFQ)

Thesis booklet (BBC and MME)

BSc an MSc programs

The following programs are allowed to perform a thesis at FQD:

  • BSc Food Science and Technology (BFT)
  • BSc Management and Consumer Studies (BBC)  
  • MSc Food Science and Technology (MFT)

    • Specialization A - Product Design and Ingredient Functionality
    • Specialization B - Sustainable Food Process Engineering
    • Specialization D - Dairy Science and Technology
    • Specialization E - Food Digestion and Health
    • Specialization G - Sensory Science
  • MSc Food Quality Management (MFQ)
  • MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (MME)