Research of the Nutrition and Disease Group

We conduct observational epidemiological studies, experimental studies in individuals at (high-)risk or with (preclinical) disease, clinically oriented research and meta-analyses.

Human observational and experimental studies are used to study the role of healthy and sustainable nutrition, genetic susceptibility and lifestyle factors in the aetiology and prevention of chronic nutrition-related diseases, underpinned with research on pathophysiological mechanisms. Our clinically orientated research focuses on short-and long-term recovery of chronic and acute diseases through healthy and sustainable diets and well-accepted nutritious foods combined with physical activity.

Novel methods of dietary assessment and data-analysis, as well as (bio)markers of exposure, function, metabolism, genetic susceptibility, body composition, and (pre-)disease are being developed, evaluated and used in these studies in collaboration with colleagues within the Division of Human Nutrition and Health. Furthermore, research is conducted in close collaboration with the Alliance Nutrition in Health Care and various peripheral and academic hospitals.

Our research lines