Starting from the initial years, our research focusses on the role of diet and other lifestyle factors in the development of cancer. In recent years, the focus extended towards the role of diet, body composition, other lifestyle factors and diet-gene interactions during and after cancer treatment. We conduct observational epidemiological studies as well as human experimental studies. The ultimate goal of our research is to decrease the risk of cancer and to improve the health of those with cancer through better nutrition.

Yearly, we organize the MSc-course Nutrition and Cancer at Wageningen University. In October 2018, the Massive Open Online Course on Nutrition and Cancer was launched. This course is specifically provided for health professionals. In 2019, for the third time, we organized an international Masterclass on Nutrition and Cancer for PhD students and postdocs in collaboration with Graduate School VLAG and the World Cancer Research Fund.

We are a multidisciplinary team, including epidemiologists, nutritionists and (medical) biologists.