Reasearch at Cell biology and Immunology

Research of the Cell Biology and Immunology Group

The aim of the research performed at CBI is to integrate fundamental knowledge on the immune system of animals and humans with applications in dietary-based immunomodulation, development of immunotherapies and vaccination strategies to maintain or improve health.

By using a comparative approach between veterinary species and humans we generate tools and novel mechanistic insights that lead to a better understanding of the immune system during health and disease. This knowledge forms the basis of immune modulation strategies that can be applied to strengthen the immune system and improve the immune mediated protection of animals and humans against infections or other environmental challenges.

Strategic plan WUR

CBI performs cell biological and immunological studies that fit (at least) one of three major research lines, which align with the research theme “Healthy and safe food for healthy lives“ and investment theme “Global One Health” from the strategic plan of Wageningen University & Research.

Research themes