MSc Internship at the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group

An Academic internship at the FEM Group – you are welcome!


What… is an Academic internship?

During an internship you work for 16 weeks outside the university putting the concepts and methods you learned in the classroom into practice in a professional setting.

The internship position should fit your academic background and ensure that you are properly supervised.

Where… to do an internship?

Internships are diverse with the specific tasks, depending on the internship provider. Some students join research projects at Universities while others work in companies within a trainee program.

How… to find an internship?

Most students know what they want to do and contact internship providers directly. You can also search for internship offers under
(Note: many MSc thesis topics are also suitable as MSc Internship: if you select in TIP 'Project type'=any and 'Word(s)'= internship, they will also appear)

If you need advice you are welcome to make an appointment with our internship coordinator Alejandra Hernandez Guzman.