SLM Internships and theses

SLM BSc/MSc thesis topics

List of SLM BSc thesis topics are usually given through the BIL/MIL Brightspace site.

List of SLM MSc thesis topics can be found via here.

SLM BIL internships and theses

For BIL students in their 3rd year SLM organizes and supervises internships (stages) combined with BSc thesis research in a great diversity of countries worldwide. Currently we offer about 50 internship places in Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin America, Europe and the US for 3rd year BIL students. During your BIL internship you will experience the international, interdisciplinary and intercultural nature of the study while working within a professional organization. The internship is highly interwoven with the BSc thesis, for which you collect data during your internship. The BSc thesis and internship together form the Bachelor Completion. CLICK here for more information.

Coordinator: Saskia van de Kooij

SLM MIL internships and theses

For MIL students, SLM offers a wide variety of topics for carrying out your thesis research/research practice. Currently we have many topics in stock for thesis research, both for students following the MIL-A specialisation (Sustainable Land Management) and other interested students. You can find the thesis topics HERE. If interested in doing thesis research (major or minor) with SLM, CLICK here for more information. If you are interested in doing a Research Practice with us, please get in touch with the thesis coordinator Laura Ekpa-Pol to discuss the possibilities.

Course coordinator: Laura Ekpa-Pol

SLM MEE internships and theses

For thesis research, SLM offers a wide variety of topics for MEE students (18-36 ects). The thesis possibilities cover different topics from water and solute distribution / transport in soils and groundwater, through soil erosion to ecosystem services and land management.

For internships, where you work in a professional organisation on themes related to SLM research topics, can be arranged and supervised through SLM. There is a list of potential internships topic, please contact Jos van Dam and Loes van Schaik for more information. CLICK here for more information about MEE internships and these.

Coordinator: Loes van Schaik