The Development Economics Group participates in a number of study programmes and specialisations at Wageningen University & Research at both the undergraduate (BSc) and the graduate level (MSc) as well as at the PhD level.

Course Overview

The DEC Group is involved in teaching several courses as shown below. If you click on a course, a new window will open with the information from the Study Handbook.

Courses of DEC

    Courses, in which we contribute

      Theses, Internships & Research practice

      • BSc Thesis Economics and Governance (YSS81312)
      • BSc Thesis Economics of Development (YSS83312)
      • MSc Internship Development Economics (DEC70424)
      • MSc Research Practice Development Economics (DEC79324)
      • MSc Thesis Development Economics 

      For more information about theses, internships or research practice send an email to Robert Sparrow for MSc or to Rein Haagsma for BSc.