Education of the Operations Research and Logistics Group

Students with ambition

The Operations Research and Logistics (ORL) education team consists of analytical scientists who develop, teach and apply scientific knowledge in the field of quantitative operations and supply chain management with enthusiasm.

We educate the operations and supply chain professionals of tomorrow by preparing students to analyze, develop, and manage improvements in contexts of sustainable food and biobased supply chains. Through our research we enable decision makers to make better choices for operations and supply chain related issues. We explore:

  • How to design, manage and optimize circular food supply chains when incorporating various processing methods, such as the valorization of by-products?
  • How we can assess and compare the resilience of food supply chains for major disruptions?
  • How to tradeoff between optimal nutrition of diets and optimal sustainability of supply chain designs for these diets?
  • Which types of innovations in perishable inventory management, such as dynamically discounting price tags or dynamic shelf life tags, help best to reduce waste for a retailer and how?

The ORL group offers a variety of courses that are taken by bachelor and master students from all study programs of WUR. Besides following our courses, we welcome students to write their bachelor thesis, master thesis or execute their internship at our group, under the supervision of one of our professionals. For detailed information, please click on the menu in the right.