Efficient separation and purification of wet streams

Efficient separation and purification of wet streams

Companies are looking for cost-effective processes to separate and purify valuable components from wet residual streams from bioprocesses, such as fermentation and biorefinery. Examples include food ingredients (such as aromatic and flavouring substances), biochemicals (such as fatty acids or proteins) and biofuels. For each question, we carry out research and development aimed at finding the most appropriate combination of techniques for optimal downstream processing. In this way, we make an important contribution to a sustainable and circular economy.

Downstream processing technology

Producers of biochemicals, biofuels and biobased materials often use wet biomass streams as feedstock for their products. We support them in three phases in the technology development for processing products from these streams. First, we use microorganisms to convert components from these aqueous flows into valuable products. Then we increase the concentration of these valuable substances. And finally, we purify the desired substances, refine them and ensure that they exactly meet the required specifications.

An overview of the technologies we use, which can be combined with fermentation, enzymatic conversion and downstream processing:

State-of-the-art technology for separation and purification

With our expertise in separation and purification, we are a leader in the world of food and biobased processes. A major added value is that we collaborate directly with experts in adjacent areas, such as bioconversion, sustainable chemistry and biorefinery. This enables us to jointly optimise the entire processing and offer producers the most efficient solution. On the basis of fundamental and applied research, we develop profitable, innovative technologies and processes and map out their technical, economic and environmental impact. We strive for circular processes with the lowest possible use of energy, water and consumables. Our strength is also that we help our partners to scale up from lab scale to pilot scale and with the further implementation of new processes.

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