Animal drug research

The detection of prohibited growth promoters, prohibited substances such as nitrofurans and chloramphenicol and the residues of regulated and authorised animal pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, have been the prime focus of Wageningen Food Safety Research’s animal drug research. Resistance to antibiotics caused by the permitted use of antibiotics has become an increasingly important problem.


Wageningen Food Safety Research’s activities include:

  • Sample analysis and forensic investigations for the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority
  • The development of broad screening methods which can be used to identify specific groups of substances as well as methods which screen for a prohibited or undesirable effect (bioassays)
  • Advising national and international governments about animal drugs and additives (Wageningen Food Safety Research has been designated as an EU Reference Laboratory in this area).
  • Providing expert advice to governments during incidents

The methods which have been developed by Wageningen Food Safety Research are used by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Some of Wageningen Food Safety Research’s tests are used by companies all over the world.