About Wageningen Livestock Research

Eggs, meat (including fish) and dairy products must, in the first place, be healthy and tasty, but they must also be produced in a responsible fashion, with proper attention for animal welfare and health. That is precisely what Wageningen Livestock Research stands for: developing the knowledge needed for sustainable and profitable livestock farming.

How will we feed the world in 2050?

We believe that animals play a crucial role in circular economy. This requires research into more sustainable and climate-smart livestock farming.

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We offer practical solutions

Together with our clients, we translate our scientific knowledge into practical solutions in the area of livestock farming systems, nutrition, genetics, animal welfare, and the impact of domestic animals on the environment. This allows us to work concretely on developing livestock farming concepts for future generations.

Our expertise

Our institute is organised around the following fields of expertise:

Our research facilities

Wageningen Livestock Research has around 240 employees and three research facilities:

Research with societal impact

The research themes Wageningen Livestock Research tackles are the subject of discussion in society and have social impact. We stimulate discussion by carrying out projects that have a clear impact on our environment. Internationally, nationally and regionally, we are an active initiator, facilitator and participant in networks focusing on innovation, research, knowledge and experiences.

Innovative strength using a broad network

Our innovative strength lies in our ability to combine new and available scientific knowledge with professional process design. In this, the efforts of our broad network of companies and public organisations are indispensable. Around our fields of expertise we form partnerships, consortia and other collaborations to meet the challenges of the future together. Through collaboration with the university's department of animal sciences and on the other hand the agrifood sector, we serve the entire knowledge agenda.

We work together in the field of animal husbandry with WUR's Department of Animal Sciences in three collaborations:

Our clients

Our broad range of expertise makes Wageningen Livestock Research a preferred knowledge and business partner for a great many clients. Government entities, businesses, and social organisations benefit from our insight and advice when it comes to making strategic choices based on fundamental knowledge.

We advise and assist national and international government bodies, commodity boards, provinces, municipalities, district water boards, knowledge institutes, and research institutes as well as the national and international business community in relation to their operational processes and other complex issues.

As a result of intensive cooperation between the theoretical sciences and actual day-to-day practice as well as the integration of all disciplines within our organisation, we can provide our clients with optimum support in dealing with their questions and research issues.

Wageningen Livestock Research is a leading international player in the area of scientific research on livestock farming systems and nutrition, genetics, animal welfare and the environmental impact of domestic animals. In addition, we also lead the market in terms of working together with clients and other players in the sector to integrate and translate scientific knowledge from various disciplines into livestock farming concepts for future generations.