Wageningen Global Sustainability Programme

The Wageningen Global Sustainability Programme is a programme funded by Wageningen University investing in interdisciplinary research and education projects in close collaboration with partners in low and middle income countries. Each project has to indicate its contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

New name

The name is new, the idea is older. Since 2000 WUR is investing in interdisciplinary Research and Education through the INREF programme. After a positive evaluation the Executive Board decided to invest in a fifth phase running from 2024-2030, but with a new name, the Wageningen Global Sustainability Programme. This new name gives a better indication of what the programme stands for, global sustainable development.

Global sustainability

The INREF programme has been active in 28 countries with more than 250 people obtaining their PhD degree within the programme. The collaboration with local partners is an essential element of the programme, aimed at local capacity and societal impact.


Each project within the programme has to indicate its contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 17 goals for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. WUR is strongly committed to contributing to these goals through its sustainable operations and premises, but most of all through its research and education programmes. And we have built up a strong track record over many years, says Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol.


  • EGYBIRD: Conservation and sustainable use of waterbirds along the Nile
    • Enhancing food and nutrition security in Sub-Saharan Africa through the incorporation of Mesoamerican food processing technology and other novel methods in the maize production chain