100% Open Access ever closer: most of WUR publications are freely accessible to everyone

Published on
March 30, 2021

Wageningen University & Research is strongly committed to the accessibility of research results and knowledge. Open Access publication of research results makes it possible to read these publications (online) without restrictions. In 2020 84% of the scientific articles, of which a WUR researcher is the corresponding author, was published Open Access. The efforts of WUR researchers and the strong Open Access policy bring the national goal of 100% Open Access a lot closer.

Traditionally, the results of scientific research are published in scientific journals for which high subscription costs apply. When published Open Access, the research results become accessible to everyone, and are distributed more quickly and more widely. This increases the visibility and impact of our research. Open Access publishing also contributes to the knowledge economy because it makes wider reuse possible, both in education and in business.

The visibility of the research at WUR is also increased via NARCIS, the national portal for research information used by scientists, journalists, educators, government and industry. Last month, the 100,000th WUR Open Access publication was included in NARCIS. WUR is the first Dutch university to reach this milestone.