Ecotoxicological laboratory

The analysts working on the laboratory are specially trained in biological monitoring, bioassays, mesocosm studies and field studies for monitoring effects in the marine and ambient environment.

Microscopes for determinations of several organisms

The ecotoxicological laboratory of Wageningen Marine Research has specially trained analysts for determinations of:

  • phytoplankton (marine and fresh water)
  • zooplankton (marine and fresh water)
  • macro invertebrates (marine and fresh water)
  • mosquitoes (Chironomids, larvae and adults)
  • mussel larvae
  • oyster larvae

Climate chambers and climate rooms

Climate chambers and climate rooms up to 45 m2 for small or large scale testing and culturing.

Testing of environmental samples and culturing of organisms often requires specific regimes of temperature, light, aeration, flow etc. Wageningen Marine Research has several conditioned climate chambers and rooms; the largest with a floor surface of ca. 45 m2. The interior of the climate chambers can be adapted to specific test requirements.

Test volumes ranging from 200 μL up to 5 m3 in volume can be handled.

Physical chemical measuring devices

The eco-toxicological laboratory of Wageningen Marine Research offers a broad range of physical chemical measuring devices for determinations of water and sediment quality, such as:

  • spectrophotometers
  • fluorescence readers
  • luminescence readers
  • particle counters
  • Flow Injection Analyzer for nutrient analyses
  • oxygen meters
  • pH meters
  • EC meters
  • turbidity meters
  • Temperature meters

Sampling and measuring devices for field monitoring

The laboratory is capable in storage of large amounts of water (up to 60 m3).