Honorable mentioning for LAR students Gilles and Stijn

Published on
January 22, 2013

Landscape Architect students Gilles van der Heijden and Stijn Tijhuis received an honorable mentioning for their entry in the competition 'Stadseiland Nijmegen'.

Competitionsite: Stadseiland - Architectuurcentrum Nijmegen

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Abstract: Making the New Nature for Nijmegen

Dreaming about an island. An island between two parts of the city where people meet and have fun. Where the floodplains change into a natural decor for urban life. On this island, we should design diverse attractive places by means of flora and fauna. River dunes seeded with flowers, mysterious marshes, and colourful birds hiding in the high grasses. You will find your place to make the best wedding picture, to cross on your MTB or watch the sunset over the river. Found your place? Consider a shelter, which will be placed on your location, where you want to wake up in the misty morning at the riverside.