Guiwen Yang - Identification of immunoglobulin-binding and antigen-presenting molecules in mucosal tissues of carp

In this study Ig-receptoes (like FcR and pIgR) and antigen-presenting molecules (MHC and Ig-receptors) are studied in mucosal tissuse of carp, especially gut and skin.

This recently resulted in the identification of the pIgR in carp and their role in Ig transport to mucosal surfaces. The FcR of carp is presently also sequenced and their differential expression will be studied. Special attention will be paid to antigen-presentation in the gut of carp, because the expression of MHC II has been evidenced there and from mammalian literature it is becoming more and more clear that MHC II in the gut plays an important role in tolerization against food proteins. In addition attention will be paid to the function of Toll-like receptors at mucosal surfaces.

This WUR sandwich PhD-project is a cooperation between the Wageningen University and Jinan University (China).

PhD student:

Guiwen Yang

Project leaders are:

Dr. J.H.W.M. Rombout (WU) and Prof. An Liguo (Jinan University)