Campus smoke-free

As of 1 July 2020, all WUR parts of Wageningen Campus will be smoke-free. This measure is in keeping with the announced government legislation ruling that all educational facilities, from primary schools to universities, must keep their premises smoke-free.

WUR supports this measure because our organisation values a healthy learning and working environment. Many young people start smoking when they begin studying. In creating a smoke-free campus, WUR contributes to preventing students from smoking and thus to the smoke-free generation 2040.

Smoking policy from 1 July 2020

Smoking is prohibited on all WUR parts of campus as of 1 July 2020. This includes the Dreijen, the Aula and testing locations Nergena and Droevendaal. This measure applies to everyone: students, staff, visitors and suppliers, without exception, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. All types of smoking wares are prohibited (including e-smokers).

Are you a smoker?

No longer being able to smoke on campus will likely mean a change in your daily routine. Discuss possible bottlenecks with your supervisor, study advisor or student dean.


Below you will find Frequently Asked Questions. Is your question not listed? Servicedesk Facilities is available for all questions.

Purpose Smoke-free Campus

Why am I no longer permitted to smoke on campus?

The smoke-free campus springs from new legislation obligating educational facilities to keep their premises smoke-free. Studies show that the age at which people start smoking determines the risk of addiction and how difficult it will be to quit. Thus, the government focuses on preventing young people from starting to smoke.

This new measure is part of a larger route map towards a smoke-free generation in 2040.

Guidelines Smoke-free Campus

From what date is the campus smoke-free?

From 1 July 2020

What is considered smoking?

This applies to all who are present in this smoke-free zone: students, employees, visitors and suppliers.  

Where is smoking no longer permitted?

The map indicates what parts of Wageningen Campus are now smoke-free. This area includes almost the entire Wageningen Campus (excluding Wageningen Business Park). The Leeuwenborch is considered part of Wageningen Campus, and thus, part of the smoke-free zone. Moreover, testing facilities Droevendaal and Nergena are also non-smoking.

May I smoke outside of the smoke-free campus?

You may smoke beyond the limits of the smoke-free campus unless there is a non-smoking measure in place there as well (for example a nearby school or business location). We request you adhere to smoking measures of other parties as well, and to smoke only there where others are least affected. We also ask you to remove your extinguished cigarette butts, to prevent environmental impact.

My car is privately owned. May I smoke inside my car?

Smoking is prohibited on the smoke-free campus. This includes the cars parked or driving on campus.

Is there a non-smoking rule for WUR-locations outside of Wageningen as well?

No, WUR-locations elsewhere are exempt, as there are no educational activities or facilities there.

May I smoke on campus outside of office hours, on weekends or during the holidays?

No. The non-smoking rule applies 24 hours per day, seven days a week, all year long.

Information for Students

I intend to quit smoking. Where can I get help?

You have several options for support when you want to stop smoking. Your general practitioner can discuss the different possibilities with you, or you could use any one of the many apps made specifically to help and motivate smokers wanting to quit.

You may also seek support through personal coaching or group sessions. Your (Dutch) health insurance will cover one such programme a year outside of your deductible fee. Check all options (in Dutch) on or

Non-EU students: check the question below.

I am a non-EU student, and my health insurance doesn’t cover any support for quitting.

Non-EU students may have health insurance that does not (completely) cover the costs of support to quit smoking (such as the Dutch health insurance does). If this is the case, these students may follow the individual coaching trajectory for employees, free of charge. Please reach out to

Where can I get help if I run into problems as a result of the new smoking policy on campus?

If study progress is affected, students may consult the study advisor, student dean or student psychologist, depending on the nature of the issue. See also Student Guidance on our website.

Please note: for questions or suggestions regarding the smoking policy itself, please contact Servicedesk Facilities.


If I smoke on campus, what consequences do I face?

If you smoke within the smoke-free zone on campus you may be approached by an enforcement authority or a colleague. Furthermore, WUR may take action, in a similar way to penalties for violation of other house rules. The NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) may also have investigation and enforcement authorities check the compliance.

I see people smoking on campus, how should I respond?

You may approach the smokers and inform them that smoking is no longer permitted on Wageningen Campus from 1 July 2020. You may also reach out the Servicedesk Facilities, or the location manager of the building if the smoker is violating the rules within or in the direct vicinity of a building.

Questions, suggestions and complaints

Who can I contact with questions, suggestions and complaints?

Servicedesk Facilities is available for all questions, suggestions and complaints.