Corona update 29 August 2022

The new academic year is to start soon, and most of our colleagues have returned from vacation. Students and staff are returning to Wageningen Campus and other WUR locations.

Fortunately, we can start the year without any restrictions. Studying, meeting and working can take place as normal. The government still issues recommendations to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Scenarios as a guideline

The Corona team and the Taskforce Education have been busy behind the scenes this summer detailing the mid-term sector plan for corona for universities and university colleges.

In contrast to the earlier approach, the government now calls on the sector to take adequate measures to halt the spread of the virus. Education institutes now decide for themselves what measures are needed. Our guidelines for different covid scenarios are based on lessons learned over the past years, enabling us to switch rapidly between clear guidelines and instructions for work, study and meetings on WUR locations.

WUR’s priority is creating and ensuring a safe work and study environment for staff and students while also ensuring the quality of our work and interactions. Moreover, we aim to adhere to the same guidelines within WU and WR as much as possible.


Proper ventilation of rooms and locations remains essential for a healthy study and work environment, as well as for halting the spread of the coronavirus. All WUR buildings and areas (with the exception of technical rooms) meet the ventilation requirements laid down in the building’s building code. Lecture rooms at WUR also meet the requirements stipulated in the Fresh Schools programme. Please ensure you stay within the maximum capacity when booking a room and open doors and windows after use. Ventilation is always good for keeping the air crisp and clean.

Self-testing and quarantine

When visiting a WUR location, please take a few self-tests with you that are available at the front desks, and use the tests if you have any symptoms related to covid. The government web page ‘my question about corona’ provides clear information on isolating if you test positive. As a result, WUR has no proprietary checklists.

Info.corona available

As stated above, there are currently no covid measures in place. Should you have any questions about a specific situation at WUR, please reach out to the corona team through info.corona@wur.nl.