Evidence for inclusive and equitable food system transformation

Food system transformation is high on research and policy agendas. The ultimate desire is to move from current food systems to Food systems that ensure nutrition/health/food safety; sustainability/resilience, and equitability and inclusiveness.

The challenge is to use evidence of current food system functioning to identify desirable pathways to transformation that can serve to guide the policies and investments needed to incentivize and enable stakeholders across the agri-food sector in making needed changes.

As a run-up to the UN Food System Summit, IFAD and WUR are partnering in addressing the above question in the IFAD Rural Development Report (RDR) 2021 with a focus on the issue of ensuring inclusiveness and equity in the process of transformation in order to leave no one behind. The session will provide an overview of the emerging results and messages from RDR 2021, involving several key authors in the RDR process.

Bold Actions for Food as Force for Good

This online session takes place on 24 November 2020 | 12:00-13:30 CET. The session is co-organised by IFAD and Wageningen University & Research and part of the virtual pre-event Bold Actions for Food as Force for Good which serves as a key milestone leading to the UN Food Systems Summit 2021.