Course Data-Driven Agri-Food Business

Are you interested in succeeding in agri-food digitalisation, addressing related social challenges, and exploring big data's potential in optimising crop yields, streamlining supply chains, and improving food safety?

Join us and learn how to develop new business models, navigate data-sharing platforms, and address public concerns about privacy and transparency. Enrol now and take the first step towards building a successful career in the exciting world of agri-food business.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
Duration 26 hours in total: 10h self-study and 16h on-site workload

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Why follow this course?

Design data-driven solutions for your own future practice.

After completing the course, you will clearly understand crucial elements to consider for data-driven systems in the agri-food business. You get a thorough understanding of the role of data sharing, platforms and shifts in roles and power relations caused by data applications and how to deal with this. And you learn about new business models leveraging big data in the agri-food sector.

This course is a fantastic study opportunity. The course includes holistic knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT) for me the rethink what I did, and evaluate what I did wrong and what I did correctly.
Huaifeng Liu, Global formulation system lead, Trouw Nutrition, The Netherlands, participant 2021 edition

Is this course for you?

This course is designed for professionals in the agri-food sector and related public and private services interested in new business development, ICT, marketing and governance. For instance, business analysts, information managers, project managers, policymakers and professionals involved in digital transformation.

Programme & topics

The course provides an overview of technical and organisational challenges and opportunities concerning data-driven agri-food business. You collaborate with fellow professional learners. Peer review is stimulated and an essential part of your learning experience.

The course will cover four main topics that are essential for anyone looking to succeed in a data-driven agri-food business:

Big Data developments

Learn about the latest developments and technologies related to
digitalisation and how they can lead to innovations in the agri-food business.

Data-driven business models

Explore innovative business modelling and why this determines the success of innovation in the agri-food industry. From precision agriculture to personalised marketing, discover how data-driven strategies can lead to new business models. So what is a business model, and why is it determining whether an innovation succeeds? You will dive into topics like:

  • Customer needs;
  • Where and how big data is creating value in agri-food;
  • So-called ‘Business model patterns’ of value creation from data;
  • Finding out which value proposition is best to be offered to your customers

Data Platforms

Get an overview of the developments of data platforms and the technical challenges of standards for interoperability, which are crucial for data platforms in your business.

Responsible Data Sharing

Address public concerns about privacy, transparency, and power distribution in data-driven agri-food business. Learn how to implement responsible data-sharing practices and build trust with stakeholders.

You will get acquainted with a multidisciplinary approach to how to work on these challenges in an integrated manner.


This blended programme starts with an online self-study part you can follow at your own pace and location. After that, we welcome you in-person to Wageningen Campus for a 2-day in-depth programme to work in substantive blocks in a group with your fellow professional learners under the supervision and guided by WUR experts. 

This course offers a good flow and interconnection of topics with meaningful discussions among professional learners, sharing different perspectives. I learned new concepts and foster my interactions with the Wageningen community.
Ignacio Rico, Business Development Manager,, Argentina, participant 2021 edition

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This programme is not open for registration. You can already show your interest. Questions? Contact Wageningen Academy.