Course Introduction to On Site Analysis

Analytical chemistry is pivotal in establishing food quality and securing food safety in the food domain. However, analysing samples in a laboratory takes time, whereas on-site analysis provides immediate results. This online course introduces on-site analysis.

Next, the course aims to inspire you to explore how this type of analysis could change the landscape of analytical chemistry in the coming decade, mainly in your field of expertise.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
Duration 4 hours
Price EUR 49.00

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Why follow this course?

Imagine determining or analysing on-site whether a hamburger contains horse meat. Or if a fish is the species that is claimed on the package. Or whether a food product on your plate contains allergens, adulterants or microplastics. And is a specific Tuscan olive oil really from Tuscany?

The possibilities for on-site analysis are rapidly increasing due to the technical advances made. We have seen how on-site COVID tests positively impacted everyone’s life during the COVID pandemic. Imagine if such a test would not have been available.

e invite you to start learning about biochemical and chemical techniques. For example, Lateral Flow Devices, DNA and RNA testing, spectroscopic sensors, mass spectrometry and application in a drone. Get inspired to design, develop and implement new approaches and applications for on-site analysis in your professional or private life.

We expect a different landscape for on-site analysis in about 10 years
Bjorn Berendsen, program manager WFSR

Is this course for you?

Professionals working in the food system all over the world and with an interest in food safety and food security, for example from a governmental perspective, quality control or with a commercial interest. Also professionals working in the supply chain (trade).

  • Competent authorities
  • Food control laboratories
  • EU and national governments
  • Instrument suppliers
  • Universities

Programme & topics

This course is an online self-study course. Participants follow this online course at their own pace. The course learning materials are available 24/7 on the online platform of WUR.

As a participant, you sign in with your personal account and study whenever convenient. The learning material consists of knowledge clips, interactive quizzes and readings. At the end of the course, we offer a certificate for participation.

Module 1

Introduction and getting acquainted

Module 2

Biochemical techniques

  • Lateral flow devices
  • DNA & RNA

Chemical techniques

  • Spectroscopic techniques
  • Mass spectrometry

Application and implementation

  • Drone sensing
  • Minimum requirements

Module 3

  • Summary
  • Closure

Course access

You will receive a personal account that gives you access to the online course for 2 months.

More information & registration

This course could provide you with new skills and knowledge that could be beneficial to you in the future. Make sure to register via the link below. Questions? Contact Wageningen Academy.