Summer School From Farm to Fork: New Technologies and Trends

In an era of rapidly advancing technology and shifting consumer preferences, the agrifood industry faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities. This intensive summer programme explores the entire food supply chain, from agricultural production to the final plate. The focus will be on emerging technologies and trends that are shaping the future of food, with special emphasis on animal- based agricultural sectors such as livestock, aquaculture, and insects.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the quickly changing agrifood industry and acquire the skills and knowledge you need to become a professional in the field.

Organised by Wageningen Academy

Mon 15 July 2024 until Fri 26 July 2024

Duration 10 days
Price EUR 1,850.00
Price description This covers tuition and access to the online learning environment.

Target audience

This programme is designed for professionals and future professionals such as bachelor and master students from social and nature science associated with livestock, aquaculture, and insect-based agriculture. At least a BSc level of English is required.

Learning outcomes

By attending this Summer School, you will:

  • Get an overview of current and future trends in the agriculture and food domain.
  • Expand your knowledge and learn about new technologies and innovations. We will explore the entire value chain, from the environment to agriculture production, food processing, design, human nutrition, and health.
  • Experience solving challenges from diverse perspectives with multidiscipline team members.


Join us for an exciting journey and become part of the solution to feed our world while preserving our planet. We have assembled a team of experts from different backgrounds to guide you through the course. This unique opportunity will see you working in teams to tackle real-world problems. The diversity of backgrounds will bring different perspectives and abilities to develop creative solutions.

The course includes a variety of lectures, knowledge clips, excursions, case study presentations, and group work. We will discuss global challenges, trends, technology transfer, and innovation - highlighting the animal-based agricultural sector in the following areas:

  • Agriculture and environment
  • Agricultural production and supply chain
  • Food design and processing
  • Human nutrition and health


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