Student testimonial

Student Aslihan Ural - MSc Earth and Environment

I would like to express my sincere feelings and opinions about my education at Wageningen University. My name is Aslihan Ural and I am from Istanbul, Turkey.

Positive attitudes of people enhanced my self-confidence.

I did the MSc Earth and Environment programme with the thesis track "Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management" from 2012 to 2014. I had a full-time scholarship at the Ministry of National Education Turkey. I ended up in Wageningen because it was one of the best universities in Europe famous for its environmental studies.

I always wanted to study abroad. Wageningen University was a great opportunity for me to experience an international environment. I learned a lot from all the field work, lab work, academic consultancy projects, and my team members. Interdisciplinary approach brought me different perspectives while solving a problem and discussing the output of a project.

Positive attitudes of people, even while giving negative feedback, enhanced my self-confidence and self-criticism. I felt the multicultural atmosphere of this small city, met different people and cultures and learned how to be more tolerant towards different minded people.

Currently, I am working at the Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs, Directorate General of Water Management in Ankara. I work as an environmental engineer using the knowledge and experience I gained at Wageningen University.

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