MOOC Sustainable Tourism: Rethinking the future

Are you aware of enormity and rapid development of the tourism sector? Considering the negative impacts on climate change, the host communities and their natural resources, this growth-driven industry needs to improve its footprint. Join Wageningen University and Research for this online course, nominated for the annual edX® award 2019. Engage in interdisciplinary debates to explore and co-create future responsible travel and tourism initiatives in your (professional) context. Subscribe now.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research
Duration 9 weeks, 6-8 hours per week

Why follow this course?

Sustainable tourism development put into practice

In this course you will be teamed up and challenged to apply your argumentation skills to implement insights from various tourism disciplines and different social science perspectives to current tourism developments. For example:

  • Sociology: how is tourism organised (laws/regulations)?
  • Psychology: what effects how tourists experience tourism (COVID 19?!)
  • Geography: what does tourism development mean for a particular location?

Learn of and work on promising and new tourism developments, such as Van Life and voluntourism and other inspiring changes observed in the tourism industry. Recognize and co-create future narratives as a tool to compose new business cases and/or project proposals in your professional context. Implement these perspectives to a tourism practice of your choice, and share your insights through regular feedback with experts and other participants in this course.

Debates on sustainable tourism development

Sustainable alternatives can only become real if we allow for an open space for continuous discussion and representation of new ideas. That's why this MOOC offers a platform for ongoing discussions of tourism developments, where you are encouraged to engage in meaningful debates on these innovative developments as they appear, during the course as well as after completion.

The effects of Corona virus on the tourism industry

There is no doubt that tourism has been greatly affected by the Corona pandemic. With the upcoming attempt to rebound post-Corona, the industry faces a choice: back to business-as-usual or re-invention toward more sustainable practices, such as ecotourism? But also, how has Corona effected tourists? We will discuss all related questions throughout our tourism courses.

Is this course for you?

Whether you work in tourism, are a tourism related business owner or a fervent traveller, join us for this MOOC as we apply science to a broad array types of tourism. Then come up with your very own to help drive sustainability in tourism. Subscribe now!

What you will learn

  • How to implement insights from various tourism disciplines to current developments in the tourism industry
  • The latest tourism developments across the world
  • Ways to become part of ongoing dialogues on developments for the future of tourism

Professional Certificate Programme

This online course is part of the Professional Certificate Programme Tourism in Transition: Exploring a Sustainable Future, along with:

The programme is designed to take you on an wholistic investigation of the tourism industry and eventually leading to your very own concrete envisioning of what sustainable tourism should look like. Class Central has ranked the first MOOC among the 10 best online courses in the world and the second MOOC was nominated for the annual edX® award in 2019.

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