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WUR account for students

When will I receive my WUR account?

After you have been registered as a student your WUR account will become available. You will receive an e-mail via your personal e-mail (for example: hotmail or gmail)

Follow the instruction in this e-mail to get access to the University network.

How long will my WUR account stay available after de-registration.

After termination of enrolment as a student your WUR account will be available for 15 days. Make sure you backup all your files and email before your account is closed. It is NOT possible to re-open your account.

Your WUR account will be permanently removed from all systems after 2 months. Please note: In these 2 months you will not be able to open your mailbox but mail is still received. Therefore use the “out of office” to inform your relations. If you want to save any data from your M disk, you will need to save it elsewhere (USB-stick, DVD, etc.).

Your WUR account is valid for two weeks after you are no longer registered as a student at Wageningen University. Please make sure that you are registered well in time at the beginning of a new academic year.

Problems concerning registration?: Please contact the Student Service Centre by filling out the 'contactform SSC’ or visit the Student Desk in the FORUM.

Problems with your WUR account?: Please contact the IT service desk, email: or phone 0317 488888.

My password is expired/lost.

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