As a student, you can participate in the sports programme or use the facilities if you have a WUR Card that has been activated for sports activities.

  • If your WUR Card has been activated for sports, you can participate in the complete sports programme and use the gym, and the squash and tennis courts.
  • You can also register for courses
    without having to pay extra. Exception to this is Fitness: you have to
    purchase a key for the Technogym key system, which is a one-time € 10,00
    purchase, and you must do the introductory class.
  • Furthermore, you can use the swimming pool De Bongerd during all recreational hours and during the hours that the Sports Centre offers its programmes in the pool.
  • Sports rights are valid until September 21st in the next academic year


Price sports rights from Augsut 1ste 2017

Price 2017-2018 Reduction January 2018 Reduction May 2018
WU-students, MSc and PhD students with a WUR students card and a proof of enrollment 2016-2017 € 95,00 € 68,25 € 47,50
Students from other Dutch university (Open University excluded) € 95,00* € 68,25* € 47,50*
Students Aeres € 208,00* € 143,75* € 104,00*
Students from other schools of Higher Professional Education (SHPE) € 463,25* € 313,75* € 231,00*
Graduates during their first post-graduate € 138,50* € 97,25* € 69,25*
Students CHE € 294,00* € 201,00* € 147,00*

* Excluding once-only costs WUR guest card € 5,50

Students sports rights per month

As a student of Wageningen UR, VHL and other universities, it is possible to buy student sports rights per month. Costs are € 14,50 per month. These rights are available at the information desk of the SCB (cash or pin).

How does it work? For example, you buy sports rights on the 6th of January for two months. Then the sports rights are activated on your card from the 6th of January till the 6th of March.

If you want sports rights again for a month when it is the 3rd of May, you can buy sports rights from the 3rd of May till the 3rd of June.

(Pay attention!! Sports rights for a year are much cheaper than per month! Also you can buy your sports rights for a year online via iDeal).