Code of conduct at Sports Centre de Bongerd

The staff of the SCB adhere to the code of conduct for sports coaches laid down by the Netherlands Olympic Committee*Netherlands Sports Federation (NOC*NSF).

The NOC*NSF’s code of conduct can be found here.

The SCB has appointed a number of instructors as contact persons in relation to the code of conduct.

What is a confidential contact person (VCP)?

A confidential contact person (VCP) is someone you can talk to if you or someone you know is experiencing or has experienced unacceptable behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour can take various forms, e.g. discrimination, bullying, sexual and other harassment, threats, stalking and gossiping, both online and offline. Even if the unacceptable behaviour is very subtle, it can still have a big impact on your sense of security or your enjoyment of sport. So, do not hesitate to contact us.

A VCP will help make a plan that best suits you and your situation. You are in charge of the conversation you have with a VCP: the confidential contact person is there for you to make a plan with you and will never take any action that you are not aware of. It goes without saying that everything you say will be confidential.

Contact a VCP

Sports Centre de Bongerd has instructors who are trained VCPs. You can approach an instructor individually by email.

Confidence Contact Persons Sports Centre de Bongerd

Ingi 2 kwadraat FC.jpg

Ingi Alofs
Sports coordinator and teachter

Contact me

Shelley 1.jpg

Shelley van Haalen
PauseXpress & W-play instructor

Contact me

Tijmen 1 kwadraat FC (006).jpg

Tijmen van Oosterbrugge
Sports coordinator and teacher

Contact me

Remon ter Harmsel.jpg

Remon ter Harmsel

Contact me

Casper Helling.jpg

Casper Helling

Contact me

Ellen van Kalsbeek.jpg

Ellen van Kalsbeek

Contact me

Confidential counsellors at Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University has Confidential Counsellors (VPs). Confidential counsellors are professionals, unlike the VCPs who work on a voluntary basis. Contact the confidential counsellors of Wageningen University & Research.

Confidential contact persons at the Municipality of Wageningen

The Municipality of Wageningen has two VCPs: Machteld Speets and Machteld Vos de Wael. Contact the confidential contact persons at the Municipality of Wageningen.