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The lecturers are all internationally renowned researchers and are keen to engage their students during the classes

Student Applied Communication Science
Previous Education: International Communication and Media, HU

Besides studying communication courses, you also have to do a minor in natural science
Emiliya, student Communication, Health and Life Sciences

In 2012 I graduated the Bachelor program in International Communication & Media at Hogeschool Utrecht, where I specialized in Communication & International Advertising. During my bachelor most courses were focused on marketing and external communications for large organizations. After my Bachelor was finished I spent a year working for a large multinational in the Netherlands, where my job was to coordinate a project focused on sustainability.

While I really enjoyed my bachelor, I realized that I would like to do a Master’s degree that combines both Communication and Sustainability in order to improve my chances for a career in the field.  After looking for a long time for a suitable degree, for which I did not have to do a pre-master, I stumbled into the master of Communication, Health and Life Sciences at Wageningen University.

I decided to follow this degree for two main reasons: First, besides studying communication courses, students have to do a minor in natural science; in my case this was environmental sustainability. An second, during the second year, it is compulsory for students to do an internship (in the Netherlands or somewhere abroad).

I really enjoyed my first year of the Communication science program. Unlike my bachelor, here I had the chance to select most of the courses on my own. The lecturers are all internationally renowned researchers and are keen to engage their students during the classes. In addition, everyone speaks perfect English and it is very easy to communicate with all teachers. My classmates are from all over the world, and are all very talented and motivated young people. Finally, in the end of the first year all Master students do an 8 week consultancy project for a real organization. I did mine for Syngenta, which is one of the biggest plant seeds producers in the world, and it was a real pleasure to meet and work with them.

After finishing my first year, I am now focusing on my Master’s thesis. I really enjoy that while I am given a lot of freedom, the supervision is also up to class and my supervisor is as excited about my topic as I am. After I finish my thesis, I will be looking forward to do my Internship. I am already talking with an international company in Amsterdam, where I want to join their Sustainability reporting team.

After finishing my MSc degree, I strive to continue working in a multinational organization, focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility. I firmly believe that my Communication Science degree from the WUR will put my CV on the top of the piles when applying for a job.

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