Next Level Animal Sciences: data en modellen

Next Level Animal Sciences: data and models

The rapid developments in sensor and imaging technology make larger and more complex datasets from different sources available. The challenge is to convert this data into useful information on animals' behaviour, health, and well-being.

Within the data and models research trajectory of the Next Level Animal Sciences programme, we work on developing and unlocking topical knowledge in the domain of analysis of transmitter data, mechanistic modelling, automatic pattern recognition and complex data analysis.

The research trajectory data and models includes:

  • Advanced analysis of data on healthy animals
  • Case studies in the field of complex data analysis and sensor data (including that of animals kept in barn systems)
  • Case studies on mechanistic modelling for, among others, fisheries and marine mammals, with a focus on developing new software tools
  • Courses and networking to make the newly acquired knowledge and tools in the field of machine learning methods and automatic pattern recognition widely available and accessible to researchers