Symposium Joel Salatin

Gifts by the benefactors enable the Wageningen University Fund to promote integration and networking between Dutch and international students. These subsidies for international student activities allow students to e.g. take a study trip abroad thereby acquiring international experience and new contacts.

On the 9th of May ‘Stichting Boerengroep’ organized a symposium with the topic ‘Creating virtuous cycles in agriculture and food’. The foundation attempts to bridge the gap between agricultural practice and theory, by organizing excursions, symposia and practice days. With an astonishing 500 WUR students and employees at the event and an unknown number of live-streamers it was a grand event.

Keynote speaker was the American farmer, author and teacher Joel Salatin. The internationally renowned innovator from agricultural practice has been proclaimed the most innovative farmer in the world by The Times Magazine.

Additionally, Salatin is known as the founding father of a new, holistic agricultural management. Accompanying this practioner the organization invited Imke de Boer, professor at the Animal Production Systems Group of Wageningen UR, to establish an ideal mix between science and practice. This allowed a discussion on both economic, environmental and social aspects of agriculture, interesting for everyone.

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