Nature in times of Corona

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7 september 2020

Podcast to explore how our views have been affected.

Since Corona came into our lives, we’ve spent an unusual amount of time in and around our homes. Shops, cafés and theatres were closed, parties cancelled. Did this affect the way we view and value our natural surroundings? Did the Corona lock-down change our relationship to nature? FNP’s Reineke van Tol of the Future for Nature Academy (FFNA) explored this topic together with Prof. dr. Matthijs Schouten in a podcast episode. To a poll among FFNA followers on social media, many people answered they have spent more time outside in the direct surroundings of their homes and that they reinvented and revalued that nature now other activities were put on hold. Is this mere a phenomenon among nature-minded people or is there a broader trend? And will changed views on and interactions with nature last? Go with us on a walk in nature and let yourself be accompanied by the podcast to explore answers to these questions.